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Don't miss out on this collection of outdoor cooking recipes, tips and food ideas curated for everyone—backyard foodies, provincial park campers and seasoned outlanders alike, between July 19 and August 18. Featuring recipes and thoughtful content from some of Ontario’s most fascinating and beloved chefs, we hope you’ll explore what’s inside and take it with you on your next journey to the heart of Algonquin, the forests of Northwestern Ontario, your backyard fire pit or your condominium balcony.

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Small pizzas cooking on a grill over a campfire with a hand holding tongs grabbing the edge of one of the pizzas.

Unlocking the smoky deliciousness of campfire cooking with Chef Joshna Maharaj

Taste Ontario
author icon Savour Ontario Kitchen
Jul 23
Three orange baked spelt muffins topped with butter and orange peel twist on a round enamel plate.

Orange-Baked Honey Spelt Buttermilk Muffins

 Clock Icon 1 HR 16MIN
Black cast iron pan of wood fire frittata on a grey napkin next to slices of brie cheese.

Wood Fire Frittata with Ontario Brie

Quick & Easy
 Clock Icon 25 mins
Side shot of yellow and purple fruit lassi popsicles on ice in a white rectangular dish.

International Film Festival of South Asia 2021

To celebrate the partnership between Savour Ontario and IFFSA, we are proud to present three incredible South Asian recipes inspired by Ontario Dairy created by beloved Chefs Joshna Maharaj and Trevor Lui. 


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Side shot of white plate with Grilled fig and brie sandwich.

Grilled Fig & Brie Sandwich

Everyday Delicious
 Clock Icon 16 min
Two milkshakes, one with a butter tart and the other with a maple cookie, both milkshakes are sitting on top of a red and black plaid napkin.

Marvellous Milkshakes

 Clock Icon 10 min
Three halved peaches with a dollop of mascarpone, honey drizzle, and fresh mint on a round off-white plate.

Ginger Maple Grilled Peaches with Vanilla Bean Whipped Mascarpone Cream

Quick & Easy
 Clock Icon 20 MIN

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