Wild mushrooms growing on a fallen tree in a forest.

Wild Mushroom Foraging

Aug 10 2020
Calendar Icon Sep 12 - Sep 12
Clock Icon 10 a.m. - 1 p.m.
Location Pin Icon Guelph
$61.09 – $73.08

Fungi are often a hidden part of natural communities but they are very important and incredibly fascinating in the many ways they work ‘behind the scenes’ of nature.

They are a mind-bogglingly diverse group adapted to every niche of the natural world and despite sometimes being tough to spot, there are probably mushrooms all around you when you venture into the woods.

Come on walk in the woods with experienced forager and biologist Luke Eckstein to explore the amazing world of fungi and mushrooms this fall! We will see what kinds of mushrooms are fruiting right now, learn and practice basic identification skills, learn about the habits and ecology of the fungi we encounter, and talk about simple and delicious recipes to eat your foraged fungi. 

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