Overhead view of Comfort Creamed Onions in a oval black serving dish on top of a red and white patterned napkin next to a small wooden serving board with brie cheese next to a knife, a plate of bread slices, a plate of bread slices with comfort creamed onions topped with brie cheese and a glass of red wine.

Comfort Creamed Onions

Author Icon Erik Peacock Sep 15 2021
Serving Time Icon 4 hr 10 min
Serves Number Icon Serves 4-6

There’s nothing better than getting back from a long walk on a brisk Fall day and entering your home only to smell the beautiful aroma of Chef Erik Peacock’s Comfort Creamed Onions recipe after it's been cooked to perfection.

These comfort creamed onions made with Camembert-style Comfort Cream cheese, a soft ripened cheese from Upper Canada Cheese in Jordan Station are a perfect topping for fresh crusty bread from your local bakery or crackers, or as a delicious side for any Fall occasion. The onions add a beautiful, savoury taste that lends well to the intense, buttery, creamy and tangy flavours of the Comfort Cream cheese. Pair this delectable dish with Henry of Pelham Rosé to send your tastebuds to cloud nine!

Comfort Cream

Comfort Cream is a Camembert-style soft, white bloomy rind cheese with a silky, creamy, golden interior. Experience rich flavours of fresh truffles with an intense, buttery palate and a long, tangy finish. Comfort Cream is made from 100% Guernsey dairy cow milk in Jordan Station, Ontario.

Bottle of Henry of Pelham Rosé.

Wine Paring

Pair this creamy dish with Henry of Pelham's marvellous Rosé. Aromas of rose petals and the flavours of vibrant cherry with a hint of cranberry round out this refreshing dry summer sipper aged up to three years.

Please enjoy responsibly.

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Prep 10 MIN

Cook 4 hr



Step 1

Try to find the weakest element on your stove top for this long slow simmer. Add the butter to your pot and allow to melt.


Step 2

Once melted add the onions and place the lid to the pot back on and allow the convection of the pot to work its wonder. Try to achieve no colour on the bottom of the pot to allow for the whitest creamiest comforting onions.


Step 3

After one hour, add the thyme and put the lid back on. Continue to cook for another hour.


Step 4

Remove the thyme and add the cream and put the lid back on for one more hour. Then for the last hour remove the lid and add all the cheese and stir into the onions. Re-season with salt leaving the lid off.


Step 5

It's tastier as it cools so don't serve it too too hot.


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Erik Peacock


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