Golden fried dumplings with Caribbean beef on the side, served with parsley garnish on a white plate.

Fry Dumplings with Bully Beef or Saltfish

Jun 29 2020
Serving Time Icon 30 MIN
Serves Number Icon Serves 4

This recipe is part of the Savour Ontario at Home recipe collection curated in Spring 2020. Nearly 50 of Ontario's top chefs and culinary personalities personally prepared and photographed signature recipes to help inspire and support cooks at home.

Chef La-toya Fagon fell in love with cooking at the young age of 17. She graduated from George Brown’s Culinary Arts program and continued to train at a number of top restaurants and hotels throughout Toronto, Europe and Mexico.

Born in Canada of Jamaican descent, she grew up cooking and eating ‘island foods’, but didn’t truly appreciate that cuisine until later in life. After gaining years of experience, La-toya’s creativity started to flourish and she crafted her own take on ‘Island Paradise’, fusing her cooking style of traditional Caribbean ingredients together with Mediterranean flavours. This created some new flavours, with the familiarity of home-style, soulful goodness. After months of experimentation, determination and hard work, La-toya tapped into her entrepreneurial spirit and Twist Catering came to fruition.


Prep 20 MIN

Cook 30 MIN

Fry Dumpling Ingredients

Jamaican Bully Beef (corned beef) Option Ingredients

Saltfish Option Ingredients


Walnut Crust Instructions

Step 1

In a large bowl, stir together the flour, baking powder and salt.

Step 2

Rub in the butter until it is in pieces no larger than peas. Mix in water and milk, 1 tablespoon at a time, just until the mixture is wet enough to form into a ball. The dough should be a firm consistency. Knead briefly.

Step 3

Heat the oil in a large, heavy skillet over medium heat until hot. Break off pieces of the dough and shape into a patty—kind of like a flat biscuit.


Step 4

Place just enough of the dumplings in the pan so they are not crowded. Fry on each side until golden brown, about 3 minutes per side.


Step 5

Remove from the pan and drain on paper towels before serving.


Jamaican Bully Beef Instructions

Step 1

Heat oil in a heavy-bottomed frying pan (skillet) over medium heat.

Step 2

Add onions, green pepper and scotch bonnet to frying pan. Sauté for approximately 1-2 minutes.

Step 3

Add thyme, tomato and corned beef. Turn down heat to medium-low and stir until cooked.

Saltfish Instructions

Step 1

Soak or boil saltfish to remove most of the salt, then drain.

Step 2

Cut up the onions, tomato, green pepper, thyme and scotch bonnet and sauté in oil in a saucepan.

Step 3

‘Pick up’ (break into small portions and remove any bones) the saltfish and add to frying pan with all your seasonings, and cook for 2-3 minutes.

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