Six raspberry sour cream tarts on a wood cutting board, topped with fresh strawberries a top a strawberry sauce over top of the sour cream filling in a pastry tart shell.

Raspberry Sour Cream Mini Tarts

Jun 29 2020
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Serves Number Icon Serves 12-18

This recipe is part of the Savour Ontario at Home recipe collection curated in Spring 2020. Nearly 50 of Ontario's top chefs and culinary personalities personally prepared and photographed signature recipes to help inspire and support cooks at home.

Jasmine Baker, Savour Ontario at Home co-curator, is a Toronto based Event Producer, Recipe Developer, Culinary Curator and Entertaining Expert. She has spent her career working at top restaurants, with top chefs, and producing some of the City’s most notable events.

As the founder of EVNT MGMT, she continues to curate and produce stunning events, work with top chef talent and create thoughtful hospitality experiences for a wide range of clients—Field Trip Music & Arts, Taste of Toronto, WayHome, The Big Feastival, TIFF and The Royal Agricultural Winter Fair, just to name a few.

Jasmine is an epicurious traveler who is always cultivating lists of the most authentic dining experiences in every destination. When she’s not producing a fabulous event or traveling to some delicious destination, she can often be found playing with food or hosting friends with her husband Leslie in their east end Toronto loft.

Prep 1 HOUR

Chill 30 MIN



Step 1

Bake tart shells according to instructions on box, then set aside to cool.


Step 2

Combine cream cheese, sugar and vanilla bean paste in medium bowl. Using an electric mixer, beat on medium until smooth. Add in sour cream.


Step 3

Spoon into tart shells and smooth out surface with the back of your spoon. Freeze for 30 minutes.

Step 4

Whisk jam and lemon juice in small bowl to loose consistency. Spoon over filling, covering the surface. Arrange 2 –4 berries on top of each tart.


Step 5

Serve immediately or return to fridge or freezer.

Tip: These tarts should be partially frozen and can be kept in the freezer for 1-2 weeks before serving but should be thawed in the fridge for 1-2 hours before serving so they’re icy cold and refreshing, but not solid. A perfect ending to any meal.


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