Little girl walking through a field wearing a witch hat.

New Tricks for Halloween: Scavenger Hunt

This year, many of us will be looking for new Halloween ideas to deliver the magic and spookiness of the holiday safely. Not to worry! Here’s a great new way to don your costume and celebrate Halloween – you won’t even miss the classic door-to-door trick-or-treating. 

This great scavenger hunt idea serves up the best parts of Halloween and is made perfect with the addition of an epic Halloween dinner. Try this delicious Halloween Chili with an amazing Graveyard Cake dessert or make these old-fashioned Caramel Apple Popcorn Balls to bring us back to times when tricks, treats and costumes were all home made.

Trick or Treat Scavenger Hunt

Kids can still get outside and experience the excitement of trick or treating without the traditional door-to-door visits. Here’s how to keep the thrills and chills alive and maybe even launch a new tradition you’ll maintain for years to come.

What You Need


Step 1

Gather small rocks and stones, and paint them with fun Halloween designs using basic acrylic craft or glow-in-the-dark paints. The kids can even get in on the painting fun! Add the year to serve as a keepsake or add fun messages to the bottom of each rock.

Step 2

When your rocks dry, coat them with a layer of glossy Mod Podge to preserve your work.

Step 3

Purchase a few favourite treats for your children. As you’ll be providing the treats, add some homemade options to your stash. Package the treats in special bags for each child

Step 4

A few hours before your traditional trick-or-treating hour, head to your trick or treat location and hide your painted rocks. You could choose a local trail, wooded park or your backyard.

Step 5

Scout the area for features like footbridges, playgrounds, fountains or benches and hide rocks within their vicinity. Choosing distinctive locations will help you prepare clues to move the trick-or-treaters along the route.

Step 6

Hide your rocks within your chosen area, considering the age level of the children who will be taking part – don’t make it too tough or too easy. The larger your hiding area, the longer the game will last.

Step 7

When you’ve selected your hiding places, choose another, special hiding place for each participating child. This is where you’ll hide their trick-or-treat bag later, during the hunt.

Step 8

Create simple clues relating to your hiding locations to hand out to the trick or treaters, like this one to direct the kids toward a playground area.

In the corner, tucked away

Is a place where children play.

The bars are tall and the ground is sandy,

A perfect place to hunt for candy.

Be sure to create a final, personal clue to help each child find their trick-or-treat bag at the end of the hunt.

Lucy is a clever witch,

Who has clamboured over hill and ditch,

To find the stones hidden here and there,

Now it’s time to look by the rocky stair.

How it works

Step 1

When you arrive at the starting point for your hunt, give each participating child a flashlight and a paper with your clues. Save their personal clue for the end of the game.

Step 2

As the children hunt, sneak away and place their individual trick-or-treat bags in their locations

Step 3

When all of the rocks have been discovered, give each child their final, personalized clue. This is where they’ll find their individual trick-or-treat bag.

Halloween Recipes

3 Caramel popcorn balls with pretzel stick handles wrapped in plastic tied with white and red checkered ribbons on a metal serving tray

Caramel Apple Popcorn Balls

 Clock Icon 2 Hours 30 Mins
Side shot of graveyard marble cake with Halloween decorations and candy on top.

Graveyard Marble Cake

 Clock Icon 35 min
Side shot of Beastly bean and beef burger with a blackened bun with melted cheese on a black plate with slices of peppers next to burger.

Beastly Bean & Beef Burgers with Blackened Milk Buns

 Clock Icon 2.5 Hours