A wooden serving board featuring a wide variety of local, Ontario cheeses.

Paired Ontario Cheese & Wine Course

Pairings are a fantastic way to experience the craft and depth of flavour in local foods and wines, and there are few pairings as beloved as wine and cheese.

Wine and cheese are naturally complementary. The milk fats in cheese coat the mouth and block flavour reception; however, the acidity or sweetness of the wine dissolves the smooth, creaminess of the cheese for a richer, more nuanced flavour experience and mouthfeel.

Well-paired wines and cheeses are a wonderful thing, and we’ve done the work for you with these all-Ontario pairings featuring local cheese and three wines from Henry of Pelham winery in St. Catharines, Ontario.

Ontario Fresh Mozzarella or Ontario Burrata + Henry of Pelham Rosé

Ontario fresh mozzarella or burrata perfectly complements this refreshing rosé with rose petal aromas and a vibrant cherry flavour with a hint of cranberry.

Ontario Brie + Henry of Pelham Pinot Grigio

The buttery smoothness of a fresh, young Ontario Brie brings out the delightful white cranberry and melon flavours in this refreshing wine.

Ontario Gouda or Ontario Aged Cheddar + Henry of Pelham Baco Noir

This deep, dark flagship red is the perfect match for Ontario-crafted cheeses of bold character and rich or smoked flavours.

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