A person in a blue Savour Ontario apron sprinkles flour on a ball of dough.

Welcome to Savour Ontario

A new platform for food ideas, experiences and expressions from some of the most influential talents and important voices in our culinary community.
Many have long extolled the virtues of living a local lifestyle, and few would deny its benefit to our communities and economies. What’s a little more difficult to pinpoint is the effect of assuming a local mindset on the holistic quality of our human experience. When we think and act local, we build community. When we build community, we foster sustainability. And, with sustainability comes balance.
Ontario is food-rich beyond measure. We are part of one of the most abundant regions on the planet, growing, raising and producing some of the finest foods and food products, purveyed by a mix of heritage and new farmers, producers and agri-food entrepreneurs. From a world-class selection of native and specialized produce for our cool climate to artisan and farmstead cheeses and sustainably raised livestock, Ontario is a leader in agri-food.

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