A brick of white cheddar with a cheese knife sticking out of top on a dark marble serving board, next to a stemless glass of red wine next to a small black bowl of cranberries, and a dark round plate

The Perfect Pairing

Well-paired cheeses and wines are a wonderful thing, and we’ve done the work for you with these all-Ontario pairings featuring mouth-watering chef created recipes, local one-of-a-kind artisanal cheeses and brilliant wines.


Ontario Cheese & Wine

Pairing cheese with wine is one of the most cherished foodie experiences and a wonderful way to celebrate the flavours of Ontario. What makes these paired tastings so exquisite, ultimately comes down to science. The rich milk fats in cheese that coat the mouth are literally melted away by the acidity and sweetness of a brilliantly paired wine, unlocking the full flavour of both the wine and the cheese on the palate.

Two wooden boards filled with artisanal cheeses, bread, fruit and jams.

Finding the Right Cheese

Ontario is home to some of the world’s finest cheeses. Great food comes from fresh, high-quality ingredients, and Ontario cheese is made with fresh milk produced on local family dairy farms. Not only is Ontario-made cheese winning international awards, there is an incredible selection of cheese flavours and textures reflecting the cultural diversity of our province. Here are some great Ontario cheeses and pairings to get you started.

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A large charcuterie board is filled with Ontario cheeses, cured meats and dips.

Charcuterie Boards

The French word ‘charcuterie’ was originally ascribed to shops that sold cured pork products. The modern board is evolved from a plank heaped high with fine cheeses and meats to an artistic exercise in pairing and curation, limited only by imagination. There are no rules. 

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Baked Double Cream Brie with Nuts, Cranberries, Caramelized Honey & Thyme in a small cast iron pan on a blue napkin.

Paired Recipes

Looking for a great recipe that’s already paired with a local wine?  These Savour Ontario recipes celebrate the abundance of locally grown, raised and produced foods. These recipes feature Ontario’s exquisite cheeses and fresh milk and paired with local wines.

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Ontario Cheese & Wine Winter Pairings

Savour Ontario is proud to present the FREE Cheese and Wine Winter Pairing Guide that includes classic cheese and wine pairings and recipes put together in collaboration with local Ontario Chefs and VQA!

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A round wooden board with various types of artisanal cheese wedges stacked.

Meet the Makers: Ontario Cheese & Wine Pairing Guide

Local artisan cheese and wine have come of age and there’s much to discover and celebrate! Whether you’re planning a foodie road trip or want to expand your hosting repertoire, Ontario cheese and wine pairings are a wonderful way to explore the art, craft, and terroir of the province.

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