Overhead view of a white round baking dish with creamed Ontario corn next to a wooden serving board of cheese and a glass of red wine

Harvest Creamed Ontario Corn with Handeck Cheese, Hazelnuts & Cherry Tomatoes

Author Icon Eva Chin Sep 15 2021
Serving Time Icon 2 hr 20 min
Serves Number Icon Serves 3-4

The Ontario-made pairing of Handeck Cheese and VQA Ontario dry Rosé or Orange Wine come together in Chef Eva Chin's deeply flavourful and satisfying dish.


"Handeck cheese is one of my favourite Ontario cheeses," says Chef Eva. "Aging with cedar wood planks really bring out a bold and earthiness to the cheese that relates to the fall transition. Its the perfect balance for the sweetness that comes through the corn and tomatoes, and the hazelnuts balance the bright sparkling wine and creaminess of the entire dish. which brings just the right amount of comfort and warmness to any dinner table."


"Handeck from Gunn’s Hill Artisan Cheese in Woodstock, Ontario puts the finishing touches on this dish, perfect for sharing with family and friends. " The essence of being able to bring all the flavours together harmoniously through layers of cooking is perfect for such an easy and comforting weekend dinner. I get to gather all my friends around a warm pot of food and serve it one by one, passing down the bowl, and it's perfect to pair with bread, tortillas, or even a salad.”


Handeck Cheese

Handeck from Gunn's Hill Artisan Cheese in Woodstock, Ontario, is a hand-crafted, washed rind cheese produced using the same time-honoured methods as a typical Swiss mountain-style cheese. Handeck is made using milk from the cheesemaker's family dairy farm and is aged a minimum of two years. A hard, drier cheese, Handeck is delicately aged on cedar planks which adds robust flavours to this distinctively rich, complex cheese with nutty overtones. 

A glass of VQA Ontario dry Rosé or Orange wine.

Wine Pairing

Pair this exquisite dish with any VQA Ontario dry Rosé or Orange wine!

Please enjoy responsibly.

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Prep 20 MIN

Cook 2 hr



Step 1

Boil the corn in salted water for 4 - 6 minutes, and then shave off the kernels with a small knife and set aside in a bowl.


Step 2

Brown the butter in a medium Dutch oven and add the thyme, shallots and garlic. Keep sautéing until translucent and season with salt and pepper. 


Step 3

Once the shallots and garlic start to colour, add the stock to deglaze and start reducing on medium heat.


Step 4

While your stock is simmering, set up a hand blender or stand up blender on the side and blend the canned cream of corn with half of the shucked corn kernels until a creamy consistency. 


Step 5

Add  the blended corn to the simmering stock and with a spatula, stir and fold together. Continue to let it simmer for around 10 minutes. 


Step 6

Once 90% of the stock is absorbed, fold in the cream and let it simmer until a creamy grits consistency forms and switch off the stove. 


Step 7

Fold in the cheese, chives, and the rest of the shucked corn kernels. Make sure the cheese is distributed evenly. 


Step 8

During this time, turn on the broiler in the oven. 


Step 9

Grate more Handeck cheese over the surface of the creamed corn and put it under the broiler for a few minutes until the cheese is bubbly and browning. 


Step 10

Pull the pot out of the oven and let it rest as the cheese will harden a little from the caramelization. 


Step 11

While you are waiting for your creamed corn to settle, in a small mixing bowl,  mix together the quartered preserved cherry tomatoes with salt, pepper, hazelnuts, and sherry vinegar. 


Step 12

Enjoy the creamed corn with the tomatoes and lemon!

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Eva Chin

Executive Chef

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