A tower of cheese wheels and wood blocks

Autumn Artisan Cheese Tower

Author Icon Betty Shin Binon Oct 09 2020

Serves 10

Cheese towers are a wonderful, artful way to gather and present local ingredients and celebrate the bounty of the fall season. 

Made with four types of local Ontario cheeses, this fall cheese tower is simple to put together and is a guaranteed showstopper. It’s a mix of soft and semi-hard cheeses with wonderful textures and flavours. There are really no rules to which cheeses you select – feel free to experiment with different locally-crafted cheese varieties, shapes and textures. 

Adorned with local Ontario chocolates, flowers and cranberries, this cheese pyramid makes the perfect centrepiece for a small Thanksgiving get-together or any festive autumnal gathering.



Celtic Blue Reserve (1.2 kg) Glengarry Fine Cheese, Lancaster, Ontario

Devil’s Rock Creamy Blue Cheese (250 g), Thornloe Cheese, Thornloe, Ontario

Triple Créme Brie Cheese (300 g), Albert’s Leap Bel Haven Brie, Vaughan, Ontario

Big Brother (1.1 kg), Glengarry Fine Cheese, Lancaster, Ontario


Fresh sage, 19th Avenue Farmers Market, Markham, Ontario

Rose hips, Ontario Flower Growers Co-op

Ontario Cranberries

Ontario Mini Pumpkin

Canada True Maple Crunch Chocolate

Fresh thyme, 19th Avenue Farmers Market

Marigold blossoms, Cookstown Greens Organic Seedling Salad, Thornton, Ontario


Step 1

Gather 4-5 food-safe wooden plates and/or chargers.

A tower of wood blocks

Step 2

Lay down largest wheel of cheese, Big Brother from Glengarry Fine Cheese.
Top with mini pumpkin (cut in half width-wise).

A tower with a cheese wheel, stump and top of pumpkin.

Step 3

Add a wooden plate or mini stand and place the Celtic Blue Reserve wheel of cheese on top

A tower of cheese wheels and wood blocks of 5 layers

Step 4

Place a smaller wooden plate or mini stand. place the other half of the pumpkin on top.
Top the pumpkin with the Triple Créme Brie Cheese. 

A tower of cheese wheels and wood blocks

Step 5

Add another plate and top with pyramid shaped Devil’s Rock Creamy Blue Cheese.

A tower of cheese wheels and wood blocks

Step 6

Dress with fragrant herbs, sage and thyme as base. Add the rose hips, cranberries and edible Cookstown Organic Seedling Salad. Alternatively, forage some edible marigolds from the garden.

Add some pieces of Canada True Maple Crunch chocolates on each tier of cheese.

A tower of cheese wheels and wood blocks
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